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NAGNFC Vote-O-Matic 2010
What do you think might be the biggest advantage for Gary to move his family to Los Angeles?
To collaborate with his favorite musicians easier
To be in more commercials
To resume his love for creating movie soundtracks
To appear on America's late-night TV shows
To make his Coachella show without worrying about volcanoes

NAGNFC Vote-O-Matic 2010
What do you think might be the biggest advantage for Gary to move his family to Los Angeles?
To collaborate with his favorite musicians easier
To be in more commercials
To resume his love for creating movie soundtracks
To appear on America's late-night TV shows
To make his Coachella show without worrying about volcanoes

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This site is still under construction while I catch the Nash the Slash show this evening in Toronto, Canada.  I'll return throughout next week with exclusive pics and a Riveting Chapter from Gary's 2010 Boston show.  Also, The Audio Principle will receive its most quality update in months.  But for now, please enjoy this month's news...

                         Jim "The Machman" Napier



Breaking News 




Gary performed Saturday at London's Troxy to rave reviews.  All the social media comments I've seen have been positive.  Kevin Spencer called it the best Numan show he'd seen in years and was still recovering.  Patricia Redford called Numan's performance "brilliant".  Chris Godden wrote me to say: "Can honestly say vocally Troxy was the best Numan gig I've been to, outstanding versions of new songs.  Don't know if was venue or mixer desk but just brilliant.  Hope u catch these live soon".  Just seeing Numan on stage with John Foxx made the evening for many (pictures and video of the moment from Lee below):




Gary released this statement to the fans today on the heels of his successful weekend.  He's happy the work and resources that were poured into the rehearsal and stage set met with positive approval all around:


I just wanted to thank everyone that came along to the shows in Manchester and London at the weekend. The feedback we've had so far, for the shows and for the new website, has all been extremely positive which makes all the hard work that has been put in so worthwhile. I'm glad you liked the new light show as we took quite a leap with it, both creatively and financially. I thought it looked amazing and I hope we are able to continue to develop it in the coming year.

The reaction to the new songs, those that we played from Dead Son Rising and Splinter, has been fantastic and has given me a lot of confidence in the direction I am now moving in.

Hopefully you were able to see that although things have appeared to be a little quiet on the surface, a great deal of work has been going on behind the scenes, and will continue throughout the year as the various projects underway at the moment are finished and released. Thanks to the bands that played, Recoil, John Foxx, Motor and The Mirrors, plus Daniel Miller and Mark Jones for their fantastic DJ sets. Most of all though, thanks again to you for coming.



London Troxy

April 2, 2011

Shared by Patricia Redford


This excellent review of Gary's Manchester performance on Friday was spotted on Tidypub.  Thanks to Paul in Cambridge for the find!  It seems Alan Wilder is a huge Numan fan as well, chanting "NUUUUUMANNN!!" with the rest of the crowd...


On Friday I went to see Recoil and Gary Numan which was a concert that had been put back since December, fortunate in some respects because the weather was atrocious last winter. In the words of the legend Morrissey, "This night has opened my eyes". What a show, and what an ace hand lady luck dealt me that evening! Mum dropped me off with my PA and we had wristbands put on to gain access upstairs to the balcony area where disabled people go and watch the show away from the ruffians downstairs. The area has its own bar and is considered a bit of a VIP bit - woo! So anyway, after getting in at 6pm we watched the band Motor for a while who weren't bad - a bit industrial/electro, quite loud and very modern in terms of synth music. I asked one of the security guys about the possibility of a 'Meet & Greet' but they hadn't been briefed about anything which left me quite deflated to be honest. Me and Gail got a drink and people watched for a time in the bar area after a while. The Academy 1 is really lovely inside - very spacious and modern, rather like a loft apartment with lots of natural light, posters of previous acts etc It just so happened that I spun round in my chair and over in the far corner, standing with a few of his companions was none other than ex Depeche Mode keyboardist, Recoil frontman and living legend Alan Wilder!!! I couldn't quite believe my eyes! The very moment that I'd hoped for after so long was finally here - I was going to get to meet one of my musical idols and the object of my affection for some time! I managed to pluck up the courage to go over and introduce myself to which Alan was so charismatic and friendly, he made me feel like I was chatting with an old friend not a superstar, although he did have a real presence about him! I told him I was Diva On Wheelz from Twitter who's been asking him to do a show in Manchester and he kept saying "So you're Diva On Wheelz eh?", hehe so he must've read my tweets over the few years!! We talked for ages it seemed and Alan was happy to engage with me and answer my questions. He told me all the latest gossip like he's currently selling some property and old Depeche Mode merchandise (so look out for that). Recoil aren't finished and there's always room for a new record he told me he's working on a Talk Talk song 'Dum Dum Girl' so that sounds like it could be interesting given the Alan Wilder treatment! I also mentioned all the 'Moders from Twitter and Facebook that love his work and have met him during the tour. He pointed out 2 of his ardent Russian fans who follow him everywhere which amused me! It was an amazing experience and one I'll never forget for a lifetime - I have a photo of us both that I'll treasure! So wow, already on a high from that the Recoil set itself was so exciting to watch, lots of visuals plus haunting ambient offerings from the genius Alan Wilder - totally incredible! Me and Gail then went out to get something to eat from Costa Coffee because we were both starving having gone in at 6pm without any food. So the security guards were very obliging and let us smuggle in coffee and cakes using 2 new tickets which was cool of them. Then in another strange twist of fate as I came down in the lift I bumped into an ex boyfriend of mine who I knew would be at the gig because he told me about it to start with, although I wasn't sure whether we'd see each other at all. Weirdly, it was as though he was waiting for me because he staring right at the lift with as we came down. Anyway, not wanting there to be any bad blood between us I went over to him and had a chat to clear the air and he kissed me saying our goodbyes. So in a way, I'm glad that happened because he was ok with me and even though our parting had been quite difficult at the time. Back to the show, next was Gary Numan and what an amazing frontman he is! Really energetic and youthful, the synth maestro commanded the stage and his set was brilliant. In a surreal moment, Alan and his entourage along with Gemma Numan joined us on the balcony watching Gary which seemed incredible! Even Alan joined in with the chant of "Nuumaaaan" to cheer Gary on - talk about rubbing shoulders with music royalty!!! Gary's set closed with the classic "Are Friends Electric?" to which lifted the crowd to ecstasy! For die-hard synth fans, Gary Numan is the king! It was a truly unbelievable night, completely unforgettable! I can't wait to upload the photos to show you!



Many thanks to Lee for the London set list!


John Foxx's co-musician Benge (aka The Maths) for the Back to the Phuture shows revealed on his blog that the first concert he ever attended was Numan's in 1979.  It was on that day that he decided on a career on music.  He also speaks about meeting Gary in this interview on John Foxx's site.



London Troxy

April 2, 2011

Shared by Patricia Redford


The Sify site will include Numan in it's "This Day In Entertainment History" section on April 14.  On that date in 1980, Gary released The Touring Principle.  Sify will even acknowledge Numan's video to be the first commercially-available rock video.



Gary Numan and Marty "Machman05"

London Troxy

April 2, 2011


NAGNFC Readers already knew about Gary's scheduled involvement with the ATP Festival in December.  Today, Spin Magazine informed their own readers of Gary's slot at ATP.



London Troxy

April 2, 2011

Photographer: Marty "Machman05"


Gary Numan has sold a quarter of all the albums in Amazon UK's Top 20 New Wave category.  Of that list, #11 Jagged is Numan's bestseller (#3 if you don't count compilations)!  Gary also owns Amazon's UK's Top 20 Electro/Synth category, selling a full 25% of the entire Top 20 list of those CDs.  Thanks to Paul in Cambridge for these stats!  The numbers say Numan is cool!



John Foxx and Gary Numan

London Troxy

April 2, 2011

Photographer: Marty "Machman05"


The New Current posted their review of the London Troxy show.  It was interesting to read comments from a Numan novice as the review was as much about the fan reactions as it was about Numan's performance:


What was so brilliant about the night was the diversity of age.  Of course, this is just a polite way of saying that the place was full of an older generation, but I do not mock.  As a novice, it was interesting to see how important this music was to people.  Soppy and sentimental – it was part of their history.  And so, as I caught a second panini, the congregation lurched forward.  The tables stood abandoned.  All sought the stage or barriers.  People held high effigies of Gary Numan.



Marty "Machman05" and Gary Numan

London Troxy

April 2, 2011


Have you ever heard of the Third World Orchestra?  I have but I can't place where.  Anyway, check out their excellent and free live cover of Are 'Friends' Electric? here.  It's a fun mix that ends with some riffs from 2Unlimited's The Magic Friend, also an homage to Are 'Friends' Electric?.  It's available as a download or you can simply stream it live to your ears.



London Troxy

April 2, 2011

Photographer: Marty "Machman05"

musicOMH provided their review of South Central's Society of the Spectacle which was released today (You can win your own copy over at Music-News).  The article included mighty praise for Gary:


The two best moments on the album come in the form of collaborations. Crawl features Gary Numan, a man who knows a thing or two about electro and emotional disconnect. Unsurprisingly, it sounds more like a Gary Numan track than something of South Central's devising. A brooding clash of rock and electro, it possesses real menace as it undulates between itchy glitches and serrated guitar tones - a moment of perfection.


Philip Oakey of The Human League reveals in this Halesowen News interview the reason it took ten years to release a new CD.  He hints at the fact that it was because he took lots of guest vocalist work that Simon LeBon and Gary Numan turned down.



London Troxy

April 2, 2011

Photographer: Marty "Machman05"


Record Store Day is April 16.  To mark the occasion, independent music Long Beach retailer Fingerprints is hosting the Foo Fighters to perform as their "White Limo Tour" winds down, which includes their cover of Down In The Park.  As seen on LA Snark.


FINGERPRINTS is at 420 E 4th St, Long Beach, CA 90802. This event will be announced on Monday, April 4th at 5:00pm (PST). There will be a limited number of wristbands available, with pre-order of Wasting Light, at Fingerprints beginning Monday (4/4) at 7:00pm. Wristbands will only be available in person at Fingerprints. This is limited to the first 200 customers. There will be no email or phone sales.



Setting up for the Troxy gig

London Troxy

April 2, 2011

Photographer: Marty "Machman05"


Thanks to Marty "Machman05" who sent me some impressive and exclusive pictures from Gary's visit to the London Troxy on Saturday.  I've given Marty his own page on the NAGNFC Picture Pages to give the snaps the proper home they deserve.



London Troxy

April 2, 2011

Photographer: Marty "Machman05"


Nash the Slash also performed Saturday night at the Blue Moon Pub in Toronto.  When I showed up at 8:30 pm a half hour early, there was a guy at the door selling tickets for $10 and a couple of lovely young bartenders.  I alternated between watching the Toronto Maple Leafs beat on the Ottawa Senators and chatting up one of the girls.  I asked her if she'd heard of Nash.  She hadn't but did get the chance to speak with him earlier when they talked about the fact it was his first real show in his hometown in more than two years.  The black curtain to the stage area was removed to reveal a respectable looking venue with tables along the walls and a standing area up by the stage.  I snagged a table up by the stage and chatted up the opening act, Electroluminescent.  I remember him and his girlfriend from the Nash show in Hamilton in January.  Two other guys joined my tabled, but they spoke among themselves about all things music.  The soundboard guy looked familiar.  I talked with him about the last Nash performance opening for Numan just two doors down.  The guy said he was the soundboard operator that night as well, giving high praises to their sound system.  The crowd was really filling in nicely by now.  As an ode to our conversation, the soundboard guy blasted Numan's Pure CD in its entirety as the crowd waited for the show.  One of the guys turned around to me, saying that he must be playing Gary Numan for me.  Wow, I didn't even know they knew who I was!  Turns out, they were standing behind me at Numan's Toronto show in October.  Electroluminescent was as great as he was in Hamilton.  Like Nash, he was a one-man act of synths and guitars (but no violin).



Nash the Slash

Toronto Blue Moon Pub

April 2, 2011

Photographer: Jim "The Machman" Napier


Then Nash took the stage to the thunderous applause of a hometown crowd.  Nash seemed to be in great spirits, which no doubt was helped by the receptive fans in attendance.  He played classics such as Dead Man's Curve and There's Something Weird On My TV as well as newer songs.  Nash was jamming so hard, a beer someone left on stage crashed to floor in a spectacular crash on its own.



Nash the Slash

Toronto Blue Moon Pub

April 2, 2011

Photographer: Jim "The Machman" Napier


Nash did a couple of covers for an encore, Do The Locomotion, and one by his favorite female singer, Will You Still Love Me Tomorrow.  The show seemed so short but it was already one in the morning!  It couldn't be!



Nash the Slash

Toronto Blue Moon Pub

April 2, 2011

Photographer: Jim "The Machman" Napier


After the show, I met avid NAGNFC reader, Phil Koster.  The last time I met him was at the Toronto show in October.  Phil thanked me for the work I do on this site after which him and I took turns getting our pictures taken with Nash.  Nash seemed surprised when I told him it had been 30 years to the month since he performed with Gary Numan at London's Wembley Arena.  It was an amazing evening with the Dance musician and I can't wait until he next wraps the bandages and storms the stage!



Jim "The Machman" Napier and Nash the Slash

Toronto Blue Moon Pub

April 2, 2011

Photographer: Phil Koster




I have become a Gary Numan fan all over again after watching Gary perform his new song last night called Everything Comes Down To This (below): 






The NAGNFC started relaying the latest Numan news on an old manual typewriter with sticky keys in 1989.  Today, the NAGNFC has started issuing its first Twitters!  This will be a great way for you to obtain the most important NAGNFC-quality Numan news before I can even get to my computer to update this site.  I've been Twittering about tonight's Nash the Slash show here in Toronto.  Follow the NAGNFC/Jim The Machman on Twitter!


Patrons of Gary Numan's show tonight in London will enjoy a track listing eerily similar to the one last night in Manchester (with thanks to Ryan!):


1. Down In The Park

2. Films

3. That's Too Bad

4. Crash

5. Controlled Underground Noise Transmission (New song)

6. I Die: You Die

7. Jagged (Jagged Edge version)

8. The Fall (New song)

9. Everything Comes Down To This (New song)

10. Zero Bars (Mr. Smith)

11. Listen To The Sirens

12. When The Sky Bleeds, He Will Come (New song)

13. Are 'Friends' Electric?

14. Haunted

15. Crawl (Song Gary did with South Central for their debut album)

16. Pure


17. Cars

18. Halo

19. A Prayer For The Unborn


Hello to the Numanoids of the World!  Welcome to the NAGNFC, the Numan fan site with no less than two logos above!  The first from the awesome Stefan in Germany, and the other Dance-inspired creation is from the talented Miles who hails from the UK.  Jim "The Machman" Napier here in the Great White North getting ready for the Nash the Slash show in Toronto tomorrow where he is regarded as an icon.  It will be his first show in his hometown in more than two years.  Coincidentally, it will be held at the Blue Moon, only a couple doors from where he performed on stage with Gary Numan in October.  In fact, I considered the Blue Moon as a future candidate for a NAGNFC preshow party spot.  I didn't think I'd be returning there so soon!  I'll include a full report, and some pics from the show.  I'm also bringing my new vidcam to add some clips for the NAGNFC NuTube Page for you.  I've already used it for the recent Emilie Autumn show in Toronto and was mightily impressed with the quality of both its HD picture and clear sound despite being close to a speaker. 



Gary's show in Manchester occurred only hours ago at press time.  Reviews and pics are only now beginning to stream in.  From what I've read, it was a fantastic night with brand new songs as well as some of Gary's earliest stuff.  Among the tracks performed were Crash, Zero Bars (Mr. Smith), Crawl, Listen To The Sirens, and a new track off of Splinter called Everything Comes Down To This.  Do let me know if you have any exclusive pics or reviews for the NAGNFC Readers who weren't as lucky to be in the crowd!



Gary Numan

Manchester Academy

April 1, 2011


Gary's official website has just enjoyed an attractive makeover.  NuWorld is now a technologically advanced-looking site fitting of the Godfather of Techno.  The last time NuWorld was so visually updated, this site also was redesigned at the same time.  While that was a total coincidence, I have been considering stealing a web template from somewhere to improve this front page's aesthetics.  I've always liked the grassroots look of this site by the fans for the fans, and hopefully the content on the NAGNFC has made up for the lack of effluvious eye candy.



Gary Numan

Manchester Academy

April 1, 2011


Gary Numan has been confirmed yesterday to play a full set at the second of two weekends of the All Tomorrow's Parties Festival at the Butlins Holiday Centre in Minehead, UK on December 9 to 11.  NAGNFC Readers already know about the band Battles.  They are one of three headliners for the second week, which means they got to "curate", or pick, the bands who will also be included.  They chose Numan among the others who will be included in the festivities.  Battles also chose Bitch Magnet, Washed Out, Thank You, Nisennenmondai, Phil Manley's Life Coach and Dead Rider.  Tickets are £170 which include the rental of a private apartment for you and your Numanoid friends.  Interestingly, the first weekend of the ATF Festival includes Yann Tiersen, who filled in for Gary's absence from the Coachella Festival last year.  As seen on CMU and eFestivals.  Numan's ATF appearance has been added to the 'Upcoming Gigs' section on the left.  Many thanks to Paul in Cambridge for the update!



Speaking of Battles, Plug In Music, Hotpress, Clashmusic and Australia's The Vine reported Thursday on Battles' imminent new CD Gloss Drop featuring the talents of Gary Numan.




Planet Notion spoke in-depth with Gary in an interview released on Wednesday called Gary Numan: Being a Pioneer Is a Lot of Pressure.  In the article, Gary raps about who else he considers a music pioneer.  Plus, he reveals what his biggest career regret is.



Photographer: Ed Fielding


South Central releases their new CD, Society of the Spectacle, on Monday, April 4th complete with Gary's contributions on the song, Crawl.  As seen on Music Fix and Altsounds who provide a review.




The Quietus caught up with Gary Numan who was happy to reveal a few details in an interview released today, such as juicy details about his new stage set, and why he never signed Depeche Mode to Beggars'.



Gary Numan

Manchester Academy

April 1, 2011


This blew me away.  Tim Eilers sent me his latest handiwork to share with you.  Tim's cover of Are 'Friends' Electric? is one of the best covers I've heard of that song, and I've heard 100 of them!  The video (below) takes static images Numanoids have known for decades and makes them come alive.  Tim said this of his new video:


One need never have to go out if you have a holographic room and electric friends to come and visit. The room can be any place, any time. Your electric friend can wear any face. But what to do when your friend malfunctions and wanders off? The holograms shatter and fade away as a digital pimp waits on the street. Smoking a cigarette.
Originally released on the album Replicas. Some of the images in the video were lifted from various Gary Numan albums. The rest of the images and animation were generated in After Effects. Recorded and animated in Northridge, California March 2011.







Step "Into The Asylum" of the Nu-Art-Studio as Dr. Mad Magnus Pyke (aka Stefan Jungklaus) makes the rounds to the beats of a brilliant Numan cover.  Created with his Iphone, this is amazingly his first video creation.  Great job, Stefan!



It turns out, Gary had no idea that Adam Ant was going to perform Cars with him at the London Scala last April.  Gary had actually tried to dissuade Adam from performing after the Ant One claimed he would join Numan on stage to do backing vocals.  The trouble is that Cars has no backing vocals.  Gary said it was an awkward moment as the audience stood there with their mouths open.  More about that in Tuesday's UK free paper Metro where it is also revealed that the guitarist for the Red Hot Chili Peppers told Gary that a Numan-synth line influenced the way he plays.  By the way, Adam Ant has just this week announced his first full UK tour in 15 years.  Adam must've enjoyed the taste of live performing he scored with Numan!



Photographer: Ed Fielding


Docklands released an interview they conducted with Numan on Tuesday where Gary spoke about critics, the ones who write about him, and the ones that sometimes groan when he plays Cars on stage.


BBC News featured an audio interview with Numan called 1980s Pop Star Waxes Lyrical About Making Candles last weekend.  Gary says the stage set for the Back to the Phuture shows will be the biggest in three decades.


The incredible documentary about Gary Numan and his Reinvention will air this evening on Sky, about the time Gary takes the stage at the Troxy in London.  Check out Sky's site on the documentary, along with a sharp, cool ad for the broadcast event.


Thanks to all the kind souls who helped the cause this month!  Your invaluable help is devoured by the Numanoids of the World.  Thanks to Paul of Cambridge for his cornucopia of Nu-news.  His help has been only indispensable.  Many thanks to Miles in the UK as well as Stefan for your graphical artistry that brightens up this month's issue.  Thanks also to Miguel of Brazil, Lee in the UK and Paul of Cambridge for this month's audio contributions.  It's been awhile since we had such a quality update to The Audio Principle!  Many thanks to Tim in Los Angeles for his incredible cover video this month.  Thanks as well to Angela Webb in Michigan for the live April 2011 pics she found on Flickr.  I wish I could've fit my schedule to be in the UK for the two shows.  But I'll make up for it next month when I catch 5 shows as Gary finishes his world tour of The Pleasure Principle in Australia and New Zealand.  Won't be long now!


'Til next time!

                                        Jim "The Machman" Napier



Jim "The Machman" Napier

In town to see Craig Ferguson where he would talk about Gary Numan on his CBS show for his 10 minute monologue

Los Angeles, California

April 20, 2010

Photographer: Joey Lindstrom


March News


March 23, 2011


Battles' new anticipated CD, Gloss Drop, including the talents of Gary Numan on the track My Machine, is due to be released June 7th.  Why just this afternoon Battles' unleashed the CD's artwork to the waiting masses.  As seen today on Prefixmag, The Fader and DIY:




Don't Panic featured a cool interview today with Gary.  I loved the question: "What are you surprised no one has asked you in these interviews?"  He reveals that Dead Son Rising is due to be released in June while Splinter will be unleashed late this year, possibly early next year. 



Poster from 2011 Australia Tour

Photographer: Paul Fagan



A new book called Replicas, based on Gary's iconic album, has been released.  Amazon reviewed the book as "Philip K. Dick meets Gary Numan in A Clockwork Orange-like dystopia".  Author Justin Scro provides an excerpt from the book on his blog, and describes his book this way:


For generations, humans have been forced to live underground by the robotic machine men who now control the surface of the earth. The irony that mankind created the cyborgs is not lost on Eye, a human forced to replicate the look and actions of the Mach-men so he can gather supplies and aid the survival of mankind below. This is science fiction in the vein of Anthony Burgess’s A Clockwork Orange and the work of Philip K. Dick



Outside Melbourne Forum



Just scored these words from the source.  Looks like the revered Numan tradition of impressive stage lighting at the shows is making a stylish comeback.  It will be a mixture of "cutting edge technology and sheer scale".  I love the Tron tie-in (big fan!):


There's just under two weeks to go until the Manchester Academy and London Troxy 'Back To The Phuture' shows on April 1st and April 2nd respectively, and Gary is currently working on a brand new stage set that is a mixture of cutting edge technology and sheer scale. Constructed out of 32 LED panels and measuring 40ft wide and 24ft high, this stunning wall of light, colour and images is being put together with Digital Insanity, who recently put together the spectacular Tron Legacy premiere at the Tate Modern. According to the company's MD, Richard Bagshaw,  "It's a real honour to be working with Gary Numan. He's very well known for his lavish light shows and it's been an interesting collaboration creating a visual backdrop for him. The shows are going to be intense". Gary had this to say, "I'm scared of talking it up too much but, the truth is, it's the biggest stage show I've had for a very long time and we're all excited about it. I can't wait to see what the fans make of it."



Design: Stefan Jungklaus



If his blog is any indication, Tomas Ford is more than just a little excited to be opening for Gary Numan at his Perth show May 17th, especially as he credits Gary with having an effect on his own songwriting.  He writes:


Gary Numan was a massive deal for me when I was getting into making this kind of stuff; the kind of artist you set your mental goalposts by. It’s not so much that my stuff has ended up sounding much like his, but the greatest hits CD I had as an 17 year old in Rockingham set up in my brain that this kind of songwriting and sound could be possible and that, you know, people might actually dig it. There’s some music I can listen to multiple times and it won’t have any effect on my own stuff whatsoever, but then sometimes music comes along that I find myself making direct mental references to bits of its’ construction while I’m in the depths of songwriting.

I’m excited that he’ll be playing his LP The Pleasure Principle because that album truly KICKS ARSE, but really, I just love most of the things Numan has done. He’s someone who really benefits from a greatest hits compilation; he moved from punk to electro-pop to fretless-bass 80’s funk slow jams, to career oblivion and eventually made some pretty-fucking-great industrial albums.



Design: Stefan Jungklaus



See Gary for only a fiver!  Numan and Ade Fenton will be performing a DJ set in Peterborough on July 29th at the Club Revolution.  The show is brought to you by both Code Red and D7.  The 'Upcoming Gigs' section on the NAGNFC Main Menu on the left has been updated accordingly!



Design: Stefan Jungklaus



The Village Voice attempted to dispel the rumor on Friday that Lindsay Buckingham of Fleetwood Mac was influenced by Gary Numan using some credible facts and figures.



Design: Stefan Jungklaus




Back To The Phuture VVIP Ticket

Photographer: Marty



Gary was just interviewed on the BBC this month.  Thank you to Paul of Cambridge who heard it all and described some of the bullet points below:


On the BBC interview Numan also talks about the collaboration with Battle - he met them on the US tour and they sent him the track. He played it at the wrong speed accidently and so his vocal line was too slow - eventually it got done again at the right speed and sent them in the very last hours they were mixing the album. He also talked about a group called Pixie something or other which is his current favourite although the music they do is nothing like what he normally listens to.



Design: Stefan Jungklaus



NAGNFC Readers already knew about Gary's involvement with the brand new Depeche Mode documentary Rewind: 30 Years at the Edge.  Sadly, Popmatters gave it a less than stellar review on Wednesday.



Design: Stefan Jungklaus



According to the Music Industry News Network and PR-USA last week, the London Scala was so impressed by the Numan show put on there by The Playground, the promoter was asked to return April 9th with another pioneer by the name of Para One:


With the success of their last show at Scala featuring Gary Numan live, The Playground have been asked to return to the legendary London venue with a new electronic music event. This time a line up featuring some of the finest French flavoured electro is highlighted with exclusive sets from some of the hottest producers, remixers and live acts in dance music including the return of Para One.  A true pioneer, Para One was one of the first to inject glitches and digital artifacts into hip-hop production.



Design: Stefan Jungklaus



The USA Today has brought back their ultra-hip Undercover series where Indie bands are asked to perform well-known cover songs.  They promised last week that Numan will be one of the artists to be covered soon!



Design: Stefan Jungklaus



The Foo Fighters released a new CD called Medium Rare to coincide with Record Store Day last week according to Punk News, Undercover News, FMQB and OMG Music.  They decided to make it a covers album, and you guessed it, they included their awesome cover of Down In The Park!



Design: Stefan Jungklaus



The Sydney Central in Australia scored an exclusive interview with Gary to herald The Pleasure Principle Tour's visit to the Sydney Enmore Theatre May 13th!  The fun article brings novices up to speed on Gary's legendary album.



Design: Stefan Jungklaus



Curt Kirkwood of the seminal 90's band Meat Puppets talks about their summer plans, their new CD Lollipop, and Numan's influence on it in Rolling Stone.  Thanks to Paul of Cambridge for the heads-up!



Wonder if this guy is a fan?

Submitted by Joey Lindstrom



Gary was interviewed for a special New Zealand Herald article that is a great read.  He takes us back to the creation of the earlier albums in this candid exposè!  Great title too: Gary Numan: Pushing The Right Buttons.




2010 Numan bandmate Nash the Slash is getting ready for his first hometown show in Toronto in two years.  The site will be the Blue Moon on Saturday, April 2.  You know I'll be there, and will include a review and pics from Nash's historic return to Canada's most populous city!  Thanks to Brian Hammond for this great news!



Just came across this in-depth article from Los Angeles on the US Tour in November.  The exclusive, elusive interview is as extensive as it is interesting.  Also worth a visit for the cool Numan artwork by Darren Ragle.  How did I miss this one?  Geesh!



Tubeway Patrol are remixing their new album this weekend called Welcome to the Station Boys to be released this spring.  An unmixed version of the tracks were available for some time on their website for free.  The 12 tracks will include demos and other surprises according to their site.  Thanks to Jeff Tolva for the info!



Design: Stefan Jungklaus



Former Numan opening band OMD are still on their North American Tour.  In the "This Would Never Happen At A Numan Show Dept.", the show in Austin on Friday hit a snag when a 350 pound boom camera fell onto the audience from the ceiling.  Seven in the crowd needed medical attention, two of whom had to be carried out on stretchers.  OMD played on, dedicating the remainder of their shortened set to the injured.



Photographer: Ed Fielding



Hello to the Numanoids of the World!  This issue of the NAGNFC comes to you fashionably late courtesy of the excellent Rasputina Tour which occurred in the past couple of weeks.  They recognized me from the recent Gary Numan Tour!  It was my pleasure as well to meet talented opening singer Voltaire who also is a published expert on all things Goth.  He also pioneered modern computer stop-motion animation techniques.  I was fascinated as he told me after the Baltimore show last week about a party he attended with Joseph Linsner, Gary and his band to celebrate the release of Sirius' Dawn comic involving Numan. 



Happy Birthday to Gary!  On March 8, Gary Anthony James Webb turns 53.  News of Gary's birthday has hit the media from Berkshire to Boston.  The Houston Press gave him props too, naming the Five Essential Songs for his Birthday.  It has been an amazing year for Mr. Numan with live shows around the world.  Even in places he never played such as China.  I can say from experience Gary's shows only get better and the anticipation and excitement at each, mostly sold out show is palpable, and that's all without releasing a new CD.  Imagine what the buzz will be like when the brand new songs are unleashed this year after Gary says goodbye to his classic songs in Australia this May!  Best wishes for a special day with family, Gary, and many more happy returns to us!



Gary appeared at the 2011 Music Producers Guild Awards last month to present the Joe Meek Innovation Award to Tony Visconti, a longtime hero of Numan's.  Tony is David Bowie's producer.  Read more about the evening at NME and Music Week.  Plus you can check out the full list of awardees here.



Patrick from Belgium wrote to tell us about an interesting find at an art event in Brussels last week.  The painting, created by Spanish painter Pajares, looks just like Gary Numan, but it is actually Frank Sinatra.  It has to be seen to be believed!  The original portrait, featuring Sinatra's Numan-like mug shot, was featured on the NAGNFC a couple of issues ago.  Thanks, Patrick!



  And in the "Cars Will Never Die" Department, Paul in Cambridge made an astute observation.  Not only is Numan's Cars video the third most popular entertainment video on YouTube in the UK, but Cars is also the UK's most favorited pop music video of all time, having been favorited a total of 33,575 times to date (and counting).



Moshcam claims to have the world's largest live music library with 800 shows.  For a long time, Gary's 2009 Sydney show was the most viewed.  According to Broadband TV News and Digital Spy on Friday, Moshcam is teaming up with Sony UK's Bravia Internet Service to provide awesome content for free and on-demand on the newfangled internet-connected TVs.



The Music Producer Info site put the spotlight on Kipper for a fascinating mini-bio on Friday.  His resumè is actually pretty impressive.  You can even find out his real name there!


"...Through that successful and continued relationship with Gary, he started to work with Sting.  He is best known for creating the updated, fresh new sound for Sting on albums like, Brand New Day and Sacred Love. Both of those albums led Kipper to Grammies and modern acclaim for fusing many different styles of music successfully."



I'm confident you will enjoy this pulsing cover below of Numan's This Wreckage by Synthsound1.  The cover song is synched to some rare and vintage Numan footage of a 1980 Top of the Pops appearance.  Thanks to Paul for sending it my way to share with you!




Gary scored a mention on the latest edition of The Quietus after performer Carl Craig gives him some mad props just in time for his birthday, calling Numan an inspiration.



My friend Victor in Holland has just released his awaited new CD from his band La Lune Noire called Exster.  Listen to some of the tracks for free on their MySpace page.  Two of the tracks, Code 7 and Point of No Return, include Gary Numan titles within.  Can you spot them?  Thanks for keeping us in the loop, Victor, and best wishes on your new CD!




Sarah Villaraus of the electro pop act Evokateur got wind of my mention on the NAGNFC about their collaboration with Gary Numan on their new track Wolf Girl, due to be released on March 14th on Itunes, etc.  She said they were pleased that Numan and Fenton chose their track to remix, and loved their heavy, industrial results.


Hi Jim,
This is Sarah from the electro pop act evokateur.  Thanks for blogging about Gary Numan and Ade Fenton's remix of our track Wolf Girl - we love it!
Just thought you might like the link for Numan fans.  You can hear it on YouTube here: http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=M1zIlqFaZuI
We're an upcoming band from London, UK and trying to get all the exposure we can - so we were so chuffed when Gary and Ade agreed to remix our track!

Best wishes,




The Zeitgeisty Report reported that it appeared Lady Gaga's new video for Born This Way looked as if it were directed by the guy who directed Numan's Cars video.  There certainly are some striking similarities:




The Enmore Theatre site says Gary's opening band, Severed Heads, inspired Australian band Cut Copy, and also The Presets.  There is an offbeat ode to Numan in Contact Music's Melbourne review of Cut Copy's new CD Zonoscope:


'Our father, who was into synth pop, hallow be thy Moog. They kingdom come, by Fairlight done, on tape, as now it is on ProTools. Worship now those prophets that we knew as gods, who now only flicker all crackly on YouTube; A Flock of Seagulls, Visage, Gary Numan, Kajajaja-goo goo, and finally of course, the legends that are Durran Durran. Amen'





Gary Numan is a guest singer on Battles' new CD Gloss Drop on the track My Machines.  The CD from the New York band will be unleashed June 7th in North America, and June 6th in the rest of the world.  News of Gary's appearance on the band's follow-up to their 2007 CD Mirrored has so far appeared in Music Feeds, Undercover, Gigwise, State Magazine, Fasterlouder, Pitchfork, Exclaim, DIY, Consequence of Sound and Entertainment TinyMixTapes sounded pretty excited that Gary appears on the CD, saying:


Gary Numan! Yes, "Cars" Gary Numan! Tubeway Army Gary Numan! Numan sings on a track called "My Machines," which is roughly as perfect as a thing can be.


Here is the full track listing:


01 Africastle
02 Ice Cream [ft. Matias Aguayo]
03 Futura
04 Inchworm
05 Wall Street
06 My Machines [ft. Gary Numan]
07 Dominican Fade
08 Sweetie & Shag [ft. Kazu Makino]
09 Toddler
10 Rolls Bayce
11 White Electric
12 Sundome [ft. Yamantaka Eye]



The Inner West Courier in Sydney, Australia featured an exclusive interview with Numan, and told everyone about his upcoming live show at the Enmore Theatre on May 13th.



Raven White a/k/a Telex Cabaret said his event at the C.I.A. in Hollywood, filled with cover songs of Gary Numan, Japan and Pseudo Echo was awesome.  Hardcore Numan fans were there to sing along and party with the band.  Raven said:


"The owner *LOOOOOVED* our show ! He said he's a huge GARY NUMAN fan and said he loved our versions of the Numan songs and said " you got the keyboards right ! " I could hear the audience singing along on the songs. So yes, HARDCORE NUMANIODS were in attendance ! METAL got a big reaction, as did CARS, DOWN IN THE PARK, AMERICA, ME! I DISCONNECT FROM YOU, WE ARE GLASS and more . We hope to find a bigger place for the next show in the future . Actress Sybil Danning attended the entire show and loved it. As did Australian Director NEIL JOHNSON of "BATTLE GROUND LOS ANGELES" who personally knows PSEUDO ECHO and said he was shocked and amazed to see us do the P.Echo songs & said we did Pseudo Echo proud which was nice to hear. My backing Vocalist/Keyboardist Marsha and her friends had us go to the North Hollywood DINER and her friends exclaimed that their opinion.... " 3 Thousand People SHOULD have been there ! Because THAT was ... SHOW F**KING AWESOME ! "  Which made my night to hear ! Ha ha ! However, I am super grateful to ALL that attended on this very COLD Night!"


Nouvelle Vague released another album of new wave cover songs called Nouvelle Vague Presents New Wave.  I love the songs they decided to cover.  And who would have guessed they would sing a cover of a cover as they sing Numan's version of On Broadway?




If you're enjoying the Lichtenstein-like Numan artwork by Stefan in Germany on this page, you will love this video he created for you, highlighting the best of his Nu-art:




Drowned In Sound's review of Luxury Car's new CD When I Was Good included this kind sentence about Gary:


Of the electronically-charged efforts on here, it’s Hinderland which holds up best both vocally and instrumentally, its Gary Numan-recalling minimalism the darkest component of an album that aims to positively gleam with opulence.



Paul Fagan in Australia wrote to say that everyone holding a VIP ticket should have received their laminates by now, or very shortly.  Thanks for the news, Paul!  He's already scored his:



This may go down as one of the coolest things I will see in 2011.  NAGNFC Readers will be familiar with the media's endless comparisons of LCD Soundsystem's new CD This Is Happening to that of Gary Numan.  One of my favorite tracks from the CD, Dance Yrself Clean, has just been posted on YouTube starring the Muppets as they take over the streets and rooftops of Brighton, England.  The looks of the human passersby are priceless and the song is pumping.  If you want to see Kermit sing techno, Miss Piggy bang her head, Animal kicking beats in a DJ Club and Cookie Monster getting high on liquid lager to the pumping synths of LCD Soundsystem, then I have found your video:




In the Mind-Numbing Trivia Department, who can guess what font is used for the LP sleeve for The Pleasure Principle?  Give up?  Did you know it?  If you said VGC Aquarius, then congratulate yourself for your IQ by taking yourself out to a nice place to eat.  You get extra credit prestige if you knew the font was created by Ronald Arnholm!



Philadephia Trocadero soundcheck

October 21, 2010

Photographer: Jim "The Machman" Napier


Technorati reviewed a new DVD released February 22nd called Depeche Mode - Rewind - 30 Years At The Edge.  This cool DVD includes interviews about DM from Thomas Dolby and Gary Numan.




Anticipation for the Back to the Phuture shows with Gary Numan, Motor, John Foxx, etc. is reaching its pinnacle as April fast approaches.  Altsounds and Clashmusic reported on the announcement that Mute founder Daniel Miller will be performing at the shows as well.  One of the songs Numan will be performing is Crawl which he sang on South Central's new CD Society of the Spectacle which will be out April 4th.  As Gary takes the stage, his documentary Reinvention will air at 1700 on Sky Arts as part of their "Electro Weekend".  The same thing happened the night Synth Britannia aired!



Here's how the London Troxy show will go down:


    18:45 - 19:15. Mark Jones. DJ (30 mins)

    19:15 - 19:45. Mirrors. (30 mins)

    19:45 - 20:00. Mark Jones. DJ (15 mins)

    20:00 - 21:00. John Foxx. (60 mins)

    21:00 - 21:15. Mark Jones. DJ (15 mins)

    21:15 - 21:45. Motor (30 mins)

    21:45 - 22:30. Daniel Miller. DJ (45 mins)

    22:30 - 24:00. Gary Numan. (90 mins)

    24:00 - 00:30. DJ TBC. (30 mins)

    00:30. Non VIP Doors Close

    00:30 - 01:30. VIP Aftershow

    01:30. VIP Doors Close


The latest sneak preview from the Dead Son Rising sessions has been posted on NuWorld's music page.  Drop everything and listen to When The Sky Bleeds, He Will Come.  Gary's voice is only perfection and the music is two upgrades from powerful.  If you are like me, you will become a Numan fan all over again after listening.



Philadephia Trocadero soundcheck

October 21, 2010

Photographer: Jim "The Machman" Napier


Paul in Cambridge hooked me up with this amazing cover of Metal by You, Your Awesome.  I agree!  I'm not sure if the cover or the video is cooler as they both rank equally high:




Would you pay $300 for a vintage T-shirt from the 1980 Teletour?  Vintage Pimps believes you will.  Thanks to Peter in Victoria for this eye-popping linkage!



Philadephia Trocadero

October 21, 2010

Photographer: Jim "The Machman" Napier


Simon LeBon of Duran Duran had some kind words about Gary Numan in a recent German article.  Stefan Jungklaus was kind enough to help translate:


The songs who sounded in a most extreme way proved in a permanent way (that) artists like h.league, d.mode and gary numan aged at their really best...
cause they were such engaged to establish new styles such consequently...



The Synthtopia contest to determine the best cover of Numan's song Scanner continues.  Even if you're not submitting your own cover, it's fun to hear all the entries.  You can even download the bits and pieces of the song to help you create your own.  You still have time as the contest ends March 18th.  Thanks to Jay for the reminder!



Tim Eilers has entered the Synthtopia contest with his incredible remix and video for ScannerThe clips in the video are from the movie, Constantine.  Tim said it was a different experience doing a mix of a Numan track instead of his usual cover songs:


Hey Jim,

Finally finally, I finished my home studio and I'm officially up and running again. There were a lot of delays and hard days of labor up to my neck in drywall, plaster and itchy insulation but it has paid off. The first thing I did to warm up the studio was throw my hat into the Scanner remix competition. There are so many good remixes already. A lot of talented Numan fans. If you haven't made it to the upload page yet you really should. It's really interesting, and sometimes disturbing lol, to see what people come up with. Of course I made a video to go with the remix and put it on my youtube page. I thought you might like a glance. The studio was totally worth it. I'm still organizing but almost everything is up and running full speed. I'm also taking animation classes so it's good to have a quiet place to study where the kids aren't screaming in my ears. Bonus. For my first project I did a model based Gary's light show from the '79 - '80 tour. The teacher played it a few times in front of the class and then burst out "Is that Gary Numan?!!" He loved it! I about fell out of my chair. You never know where you'll run into a Numan fan.
As always, safe travels Jim and thanks for all your hard work on NAGNFC.





Bill Bailey, now famous for his comical rendition of Cars, will be performing at the Liverpool Echo on November 14.  Full details and ticket info are available here.



Meeting fans at the Philadephia Trocadero

October 21, 2010

Photographer: Carl Patzer


Speaking of comedy, the musical I Can't Believe It's Not Countdown was performed in Melbourne, Australia last month.  Look-alikes of several musicians, including Gary Numan, were featured.



Adam in Australia wrote me to let you know he is DJing mix tracks from every facet of Gary's career on March 26 at the Club Unknown on 45 Murray Street in Perth.  He is doing this to help promote Numan's upcoming show there.  Thanks for the heads-up, Adam.  Best wishes for a jamming night!



The Gary Numan Scrap Book on Facebook needs your help!  Ange Chan wrote me to see if I could help find Numan fans to help co-admin the site.  You can reach this worthwhile site here if you can lend your talents to the cause.



Philadephia Trocadero

October 21, 2010

Photographer: Jim "The Machman" Napier


The latest Riveting Chapter has been added to the story of one guy's mission to follow the November North American Gary Numan Tour.  This month Chapter 4: Philadelphia has been added.  Read on as I crash the soundcheck before the show (with exclusive pictures), I speak to Gary about how the tour is going so far, Gary kisses the Phillies mascot (the Phillie Phanatic), I cover the price of Numanoids' tickets after a box office glitch, I accidentally miss my VIP line to get inside as I speak with the 'noids, and more!



Philadephia Trocadero

October 21, 2010

Photographer: Jim "The Machman" Napier


In keeping with the Philadelphia theme, the NAGNFC Picture Pages have been adorned with nearly 100 exclusive never-before-seen pictures from the Philadelphia soundcheck as well as the actual show.  You can warp right to the Philly pics here.



Another dusty, vintage NAGNFC Fanzine has been added to the NAGNFC Archives.  This month's digital restoration for future generations focused on Volume 3 - May 1992 - Issue 31.  In that issue: I report on the latest chart positions of The Skin Game and Isolate, Berserker and Ghost are finally released on CD, the release date of Machine & Soul is pushed back, I exclusively make the Big Noise UK CD (with Chris Payne, Cedric Sharpley, Ade Orange and Andy Coughlan) available to Americans, a huge German Numan magazine article, clipping of Numan with girlfriend Tracey Adams as Gary says "I couldn't imagine marrying anyone else", pics from the 1982 US Tour, a huge Numan crossword created by a NAGNFC Reader, pics from the Teletour, Gary makes a clandestine trip to church, a review of Outland, coincidental connection between Numan bandmates James Freud and Roger Mason is revealed, Christian Death covers Down In The Park, Gary appears in the "Uncyclopedia of Rock", other newspaper clippings, trivia, and much more!



Many, many thanks are streamed in the form of your monitor's warm electrons to everyone who helped make this month's issue one of the largest ever.  It's definitely the biggest update in recent memory.  There's a lot going down on PlanetNuman these days!  Thanks to the limitless kindess of Paul from Cambridge who makes our day by generously providing us with news, articles and fun Numan trivia for this page.  Your contributions are priceless.  Thanks to the incredible Stefan Jungklaus in Germany for your eye-pleasing Nu-art scattered on the front of each and every issue of the NAGNFC these days.  Thanks as well to Adam, Victor, Paul Fagan, Jay, Patrick and Sarah for your contributions.  And thanks to Miles in the UK for your very cool artwork as well.  Thanks also to Ange, Tim, Lee and Kit for your talents for the cause.  Thanks so much to everyone else who've assisted, including the many who've been patient with CDs and trades while I wander like a nomad (a Numad?) following random tours.  Let me take this opportunity to thank those who've offered their places to stay while I follow the Numan Tour Down Under this May.  I'm looking forward to partying with you Awesome Aussies again!


'Til next time!

                                        Jim "The Machman" Napier



Jim "The Machman" Napier on the way to Coachella to see Numan

Stratosphere Tower

Las Vegas, Nevada

April 14, 2010

Photographer: Joey Lindstrom




Jim "The Machman" Napier and Gary Numan

Melbourne Forum Theatre

March 8, 2009




Gary Numan and Jim "The Machman" Napier

Orlando Club Firestone 

October 17, 2010 








The "Big G", Jim "The Machman" Napier, Gary Numan, Mark Darmofal

The Spa, New York City

 April 18, 2001